Australian Men Fashion & Trends

This year’s fashion style for men has brought a reignited interest in warm, comforting and rich colors and fabrics as an Australian fashion statement for men. Top clothing brands such as Moreporks (NZ) and Penny Skateboards have brought a complete change in the wardrobe collection for the Australian men. These brands have been providing an amazing collection of menswear for almost every purpose and occasion ranging from professional clothing to sportswear or comfortable clothing for a relaxing weekend.

menfashionaustraliaMeans Wear

Many fashion houses have been providing a vast collection for fashion outfits for men. Top fashion brands such as Boggi Milano and Pitti Uomo brings a classic collection of menswear for work. Orlebar Brown, on the other hand, is one of the leaders to offer comfortable outfits for the relaxing times. Men who are a sports enthusiast, love to have a comfortable pair of shoes. Valentino sneakers have become one of the top priorities and a fashion statement for men by adding a unique style to the outfits.

Watches and Shoes

Watches and shoes add glory to any menswear. Men wear it at work, at play and even for the parties. However, the price is also a factor to be considered. Some of the best watches below $500 for includes Tissot Tradition Rose Gold PVD Quartz Classic Chronograph, Seiko Stainless Steel Green Dial Chronograph, and Breytenbach BB7760. For men who look beyond the price tag should wear watches like SevenFriday V3/01, Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Automatic, and Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch. For men in action, there are watches like Suunto Elementum Terra Steel, Tissot T-Race Touch, and Casio G-Shock Gravity Master.

A man should always wear the beast shoes as his shoes judge him. The top five brands that people are loving are Oak Street Bootmakers, ETS Callatay, Saint Crispin’s, Zonkey Boot and Cole Haan.


The accessories are taking control when it comes to fashion and styling. The accessories are affordable and add a lot to the looks. Unlike the men in European counterparts, the Australian men do not prefer too many fashionable accessories. Men’s bag and pocket square are the most preferred and common accessories.

Hairstyles and Haircuts

A hairstyle is one of the factors to enhance one’s personality. The hottest hairstyle for so far include Textures Quiff, Choppy Crop Chop, Medium-Long Cut and Side Part Slick. These hairstyles are selected based on the style, ease of maintenance and versatility.


Different occasions involve different fragrances depending on the mood and suitability. Seductive dark and woody smells are the best for evening events, whereas citrus fragrances are common in regular use such as an office. The best way to check perfume is to spray and smell after 15 minutes. A good cologne reacts with your skin and personalizes the fragrance. When you find the special scent that smells unique in a store, you can buy it online from Mecca Cosmetics.


Fashion apparently correlates with the necessity. Men who want to look different and stand out from the crowd, embrace fashion and trends. Whether it is apparels, shoes, accessories, or perfumes, the brands aid to the desired styles. Male Fashion includes haircuts and watches as well and assists in reflecting the personality. With fashionable menswear, men give the unique appearance as they desire.

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