2016 OOTY! (Outfit of the Year)

Fashion is way we express the uniqueness of our personalities and character. It is a form of art that reflects your inner soul. For some, it is a hobby, but for others, it is life. Now let’s make a flashback of the 5 best fashion trends that marked our 2016 Calendar.

ooty2016#1 the great switch

Today, modern individuals defy society’s social norms and embraceeveryonewithout any hesitations. Ladies walk with confidence wearingclothes with a masculine accent. Gentlemen can also confidently wear clothes with feminine touches. To prove this theory, DKNY showed a set of some masculine designs for women including chunky boots, and sweaters over pinstripe suit combination. Same with Ralph Lauren’s creations, a beautifully tailored check blazer and brown fitted pants paired with a shirt and tie ensemble. (1)

#2 Multi-Layered Clothing

Although layers of clothing can also make us look fat, it shouldn’t stop us from looking good. DKNY again proved that multiple layers are just numbers with their creations throwing a transparent lace dress over strapped top and masculine pants, a turtle neck appearing under velvet brocade at the chest. Moschino also had the same concept with the touch of the classic glamour over an off-shouldered tank top. (1)

#3 Long sleeves at its finest

You won’t need accessories especially when your sleeves are extra-long and run passed your fingers. Even Rhianna affirmed that outfits with extra-long sleeves can be alternative to gloves. No more bad days fumbling with your mobile phone when you have a call. (2)

#4 Furs in and Furs out

Furs make you warm and comfortable during the winter season and that gave some designers a newconcept. This was seen during the New York Fashion Week, where furs were being worn throughout all collections. It was a fashion statement and was not only seen with jackets but also in some accessories such as bright cuffs, collars and brilliantly colored coats. (1)

#5 Chokers for fashion

Chokers can be worn all year round. Those who were previously gone out of style have been brought to life again. This is the world of fashion, where everything has its own season. Chokers came back with a big twist when it was proven that these are not only glamorous in material, but huge in size, covering most of the model’s neck. Loewe, Chanel, and Balmain’s collections showed an accent of this material. (3)

Overall, 2016 proved to be the greatest thrill year for fashion. Multitudes of ideas, concepts, and creations were showcases but you always have to remember that fashion is within you. Wear clothes that make you comfortable. Having style makes a statement of who you really are.

(1) http://en.vogue.fr/fashion/fashion-shopping/diaporama/15-furs-coats-for-fall-winter-2015-2016/23746

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