Behind Every Perfect Wedding is a Working Professional Wedding Planner

Behind every perfect wedding is a professional planner and this isn’t an understatement. Professional wedding planners act as the liaison between all vendors involved in wedding including the wedding dress, bridal flowers, decors, invitations, etc and work from the day of engagement up to the honeymoon.

Depositphotos_24184563_s-2015From the initial consultation, professional wedding planners and clients set groundwork as to what the groom and bride expect from the planner and what the couple wants in their wedding. A professional wedding planner usually works with the most important person in the wedding planning and preparation, and it is usually the bride. From the initial meeting, it is imperative that she discusses the type of wedding she wants and what wedding packages are available and whether the planner is hired as full service or as day of coordinator. As full service, the planner assumes the responsibilities in everything such as managing budget, acting as liaison between wedding vendors including caterers, florists, wedding singers and of the wedding dress. As a day coordinator, he/she takes all the tasks on the day of the wedding, ensuring the wedding is perfect from the ceremony up to the time the couple leaves for the honeymoon.

Most brides want to enjoy more control over their wedding so most hire a wedding planner as day of coordinator. Working as Day of Coordinator, he/she is there to help and guide the bride in planning the wedding. It is also part of the duties to ensure all vendors such as of the wedding dress follow the wedding timetable and that everybody is in-sync. The planner ensures all that is involved in the wedding party attend the wedding rehearsals. On the wedding day, he/she arrives at the ceremony ahead of time to oversee vendors’ set ups, and attends to any problem that may arise. He/she ensures that everybody is informed on each event like the wedding photographer in order not to miss important shots or not to disrupt the flow of the wedding.

At the wedding, the planner makes sure everything runs smoothly and everybody involved in the preparations is fulfilling his/her responsibilities. He/she ensures the make-up artist does retouches for the bride and the groom. He/she keeps the wedding running according to the timeline and slows down or speeds up if needed. After the wedding, the planner is still there to ensure bride and groom’s belongings and the gifts are taken care of.

So, whether hiring full service or day of coordination planner for your wedding, you can count on that there is somebody working hard in perfecting the wedding you’ve envisioned.


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Behind Every Perfect Wedding is a Working Professional Wedding Planner, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating