Besides, have you seen the statistics recently? There are now over 400 blog sites about men’s style and fashion. That’s double the number from last year. And that says a lot about the number of men wanting to look good and getting help not just from Pinterest but also from fashion websites.

Now, if you’re man enough to admit you need help with your wardrobe, this blog would be one of the most helpful sites for you.

What exactly can we help you with? Here are some of the blog posts you would want to read even if your beer-chugging friends are around:

o    Suiting Up 101

o    20 Items You Should Have This Spring

o    Clothes Your Girlfriend Hopes You Would Wear

o    Clothes Your Girlfriend Hopes You’d Stop The statement ‘Men do not really care about fashion’ is a complete fabrication, probably made by some macho guys who think it’s too gay to think about men’s fashion.

But, if you’re a guy who gets up in the morning and gets dressed for whatever you need to do and wherever you need to go (and last I looked, that’s every man I know), then you are a fashion creature.


o    Clothes Which You Should Have Left in the 90s

o    The All Around Bag You Should Own

o    The Basics of Dressing Well for an Interview

o    What Every Man’s Wardrobe Should Have

o    Do You Dare Wear Red Pants?

o    Leather Jackets Are Making a Comeback

o    Buy a Pre-Made Suit or Have It Sewn from Scratch?Milan-Fashion-Week-Trends

Do you want to go straight and buy those items you’ve seen featured in our articles? No problem! We also have shopping information (brands, sizes and colors available, prices – on-sale included) on several of the clothes and accessories mentioned.

Now, aside from general tips on men’s apparel, we also have contributors writing about related topics as well.  Here are some of the articles you will definitely find useful.

o    The Art of Shaving

o    When to Get a New Pair of Running Shoes

o    Creating the Best Tattoo Design

o    Men and Yoga Do Mix Well

o    What Wine Should You Bring to That Party

There are numerous other blogs out there you could check out, of course. But, why spend so much time on others that focuses just on street wear or Savile Row suits when we got it all and so much more? So read on. You won’t regret it.

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