Homemade Body Scrubs and Skin Health

Unknown to many, there are various skin solutions that can be found in the pantry. For one, you can make a coconut body scrub made of granulated sugar, coconut oil, and citrus fruit zest. There are other recipes worth noting to keep your skin rejuvenated without having to spend a lot. Creating your very own skin treatments from the available ingredients at home is definitely a money-saving move towards enjoying a youthful, softer, and glowing skin.

coffee_body2But, a coconut body scrub is not just about that. Other parts of the giant nut can be used for your skin therapy. In fact, it is easy to find beauty products nowadays that include ground coconut shells and coconut husks. Coconut offers many amazing benefits. It leaves the skin deliciously fragrant, replenished, and moisturized.

Another great thing about creating a coconut body scrub is that you can store it into small bottles, ready to be used anytime you wish. That means, you can make a batch and store it in separate bottles for your use or give them away as gifts to your friends and colleagues who will surely love the difference.

Other ingredients for homemade scrubs

Apart from coconut, coffee is another amazing ingredient that can be used for a homemade body scrub. Coffee has many skin health benefits. Studies found that caffeic acid, which is on coffee grounds, is a great source for anti-inflammatory properties that encourage wound healing. Caffeine, coffee’s main ingredient, is also a known antioxidant. That means, it could help neutralize the effects of free radicals that age the skin and damage its inner layers. Using this homemade scrub on a regular basis will help you get rid of wrinkles and age spots. Yes, you can definitely use a coffee scrub recipe as a face cleanser. Applying the mixture is as easy as making it.

A coffee body scrub is usually just a mixture of equal parts of coffee grounds and sea salt. Alternately, you may also use sugar into the mix. Plus, you may add a tablespoon of body butter or olive oil.

If you want to enjoy the coffee scrub benefits, you should start learning how to make your own recipe so you have it ready when you want to give your skin a makeover. You only need to apply the mixture onto your skin in circular motion, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse with cold water to enjoy a youthful glow.

Making your own coffee body scrub can be easy, but for a busy person, this can be a hassle. For this, we recommend you to check out http://sweetheartbody.com.au/.

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