How Videography is Done by a Wedding Artist

Wedding moments are great as they happen and create lifetime memories.  And watching the moments happen again and again is made possible through wedding videography. A wedding cinematography, the art of filming a wedding is done not just by someone with a video camera but by someone who has the skills, the talent, and the attitude in capturing great wedding moments and this is how he usually does wedding videography .

Shooting footages

vid_wed1Wedding videography is shooting images captured at weddings. A beautiful and great wedding cinematography is made of footage of details of the wedding such as pre-nuptial announcement, the engagement, the bride and her bridal dress, the groom and his best men, and wedding scenes like the Kiss, the Toast, the Vows, the first dance, and scenes that best describe the wedding. In the past, tons of footages are shot however complying with the “3 to5 minutes wedding trailer”, wedding videography is now with less footage and only the “must have” shots are taken in the post production to create “fabulous” wedding films.

Getting creative at shots

Wedding videography isn’t just capturing moments. The one behind the camera moves a lot to get the emotions in every wedding moment and just like what is done in films, a videographer from wedding films in Sydney moves, get the best angles and shots. However with people being shy in front of camera, he shoots people while not making them feel shy or awkward and if he needs to be at the top, or at the side, be vertical or horizontal or on the floor, he does it in a creative way , in the fastest and quickest time and capture the emotions with precision. He does little tricks to avoid the “there’s a camera in front of me” reaction and so as to capture real smiles, tears and laughs.

Getting creative at post

Wedding videography’s final result is a wedding video. Footages collected, images captured are taken in the studio for post editing. While on-site editing is now a trend, post editing is still the best way to quality results. Sounds, colors and sequencing is best done during the post editing as the editor, which is usually the videographer himself gets creative in enhancing the moods, the environment and atmosphere as well as the emotion. The end result is a wedding cinematography – a poignant documentary of a great love story.

Wedding videography isn’t just a wedding “must-have” because it is what makes a lifetime dream that came true to be seen again and again as retold by great images, of great sounds, colors, and emotions.

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