Serious Collectors Might Need Wicked Edge Knife Sharpeners

Knives, as primitive as they are, are one of man’s earliest inventions enabling survival in the wild. Today, knives are just more than primitive tools and their worth is maintained through top-of-the-line instruments like a wicked edge knife sharpener in Australia. This is no ordinary contraption, as owning this means you are very serious about your knives. It may as well be intended for knife collectors as it produces very precise and pristine sharpness to blade edges. 

And Australians are no strangers to knife sharpening systems like these. They help provide sharp edges when hunting in the Outback or even to simply survive a day in the desert. In the past, Medieval people used rough surfaces like whetstone to sharpen a blade. But it did not really offer precision to detail and amount of sharpness. It was just a quick way to make a knife usable in the kitchen. It was only later on, that sharpening knives became an art form. Thanks to the Japanese, blades have earned such distinction in human culture. They employ different whetstones to achieve such polish and sharpness in their blades.

But modern times call for modern measures. Whetstones are not really the most advanced tools for sharpening knives anymore. Instead, serious knife collectors seek a wicked edge knife sharpener in Australia. These are the wicked sharpeners out in the market, with four models to choose from. Each has its own set of advantages and fits the type of user or collector. The cheapest is priced at US$375 while the most expensive one, the Generation 3 Pro, will run you a cool US$1,099. All sharpener models come bundled with multiple accessories.

The wicked edge has been around since 2007 and is known well in the United States as one of the “world’s finest knife sharpeners.” It has won several awards in Blade Shows and International Cutlery Fairs since 2009. The advantage of a wicked edge lies in the capacity to control the angle of the abrasive when sharpening. This could not be achieved using traditional whetstones (unless you are masterfully skilled and trained). 

Owning a wicked edge knife sharpener in Australia is perfect for knife collectors as it helps preserve the sharpness of a knife and maintains the blade’s form and precision. However, even military personnel, outdoor and camping people, as well as culinary chefs can greatly benefit from this product as well. It’s a worthy investment for those who use knives and collect them!

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