Stylish Spring Break Wear for Men

spring_break_menThe weather outside looks amazing, doesn’t it? So should you. If there is a time of the year when a majority of people are bound to notice what you wear; then this is it! You should, therefore, wear what looks good, expresses your personality, fits the season and is comfortable for you. Here is Common men’s fashion trend, during spring break that you can borrow a few tricks from.

In Clothes;

Tank Tops

There are different types of tank tops available to suit different tastes. They include:

Solid Tank Tops – Their color is mostly dark and uniform. They also do have minimum detailing. You will find some with a simple breast pocket added to enhance their look.

Graphic Tank Tops – If you love expressing art through your clothing then this one is a must have! It comes with unique graphic designs and logos.

Muscle Tank Tops – This one looks good on guys who are heavily built.


Stylish t-shirts are really suitable during this season. You should pick one that is well fitting and compliments your physique.


Statement-making shorts are perfect in this kind of weather. You can find shorts in different designs, prints, and materials. A good combination of a t-shirt and great pair of shorts brings out a simple, relaxed elegant look.


A good pair of jeans will also come in handy during this season. Do not be afraid to try out brighter colored jeans during this season. Some bright colors such as white and sky blue naturally complement the weather outside.

Skinny jeans, civil jeans, chino pants, ripped pants, cropped jeans and stacked are some of the choices that you can go for in jeans.

In Shoes;


Sneakers do come in a variety of designs and colors. You can pick a pair that best suits your taste and your mode of dressing. A pair of Canvas looks great in this season. They make your feet look good at the same time enables them ‘breathe’.


This is the perfect season of the year to wear sandals ;especially when going out in the sun to do relaxed activities such as shopping, chilling out, simple fun activities among others. Sandals are also known to look great when put on with shorts.

In Accessories;

Do not forget to accessorize! Use accessories such as cool pair of sunglasses, a good watch, and relevant belt among others. This will take your outfit to a whole new level.

With these simple men’s fashion trend to adopt during spring break, you are definitely ready for the season.

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