Why Blogs Enjoy Loyalty and Admiration from Followers and Fans

Netizens go out of their way to read and enjoy information they’re getting from travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog/websites. Most of them follow regularly a particular blogger like the well-read Australian blogger; Helen Chik who is highly respected in her niche.  Bloggers’ followers and fans love to read and see their favorite travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger in their pages and in social media accounts such as Instagram. Here are reasons why bloggers enjoy loyalty and admirations from their readers.

More than dishing out information

fashion_blog2A fashion blogger is not only dishing out information such as what are the latest styles or what’s in or out in today’s fashion. Helen Chik, a blogger herself is admired, discussed, and deciphered by her followers because they hear it straight from her as she talks about and describes her own experience and style as well. Bloggers display through their own style how awesome structured and classic styles are. They do this by being open to readers and followers, and fans feel like reading a story about a close friend. Travel fashion blog does not only tackles travel adventures and misadventures but also the blogger’s feelings for the day and how awesome is to enjoy travel while at work or at play. Bloggers are so dedicated on their niche and it’s no wonder everything looks good and right on their pages and readers get inspirations that push them to become better and create a style of their own.

Someone readers can relate to

A fashion blogger apart from her outfit inspirations, writes about “how tos” in fashion and talks about her own experiences that are relatable with her readers. A student fashion blogger’s back-to-school OOTD for example inspires student-readers and followers. Australian travel blogger like Helen Chik posts feeds of adventures and cherishing travel vacations that many Australians can relate to. Bloggers’ ability to shift from bold to laidback sort of travel inspire and reinforce Australian travel bucket lists. They get readers into action such as expressing themselves through their choices and picks on travel, lifestyle, and fashion. Collectively, bloggers are inspiring and driving readers and followers to becoming what they aspire and dream to be.

Netizens spend most of their time online and most of them are following a particular blogger. It may be because of the blogger’s deep way of writing, her personal fashion styles or her ways of spreading and achieving the dream. Followers admire and imitate one for her/ best qualities. It’s not surprising blogs are doing good and well inside the wide world web.

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