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Do you still remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? For those under 25, it was on this show that’s about five fabulous gay men (aptly dubbed as the fab five) who do total makeover of straight men. Of course, we are not here to discuss about the show.

Our contributors

Well, our blog is something like it except that we focus mainly on wardrobe (although we do give tips on other important matters as well every now and then) and our contributors aren’t all fabulous gay men (forgive us for that, we can’t all be gay – but fabulous in our own ways, yes!)

It’s all about the basics

Do you want to know all about the basics of black ties and suits so that you can prepare well for that wedding you’re about to attend or that new job you just got offered? We’ve got some of the best fashion experts who will give you tips on what type of button up shirts to get (Is light pink a good color?) as well as the right cut that will fit your physique (Italian, American or English?).mens-summer-suits-3cxu3zx2

Would you like to find out where you could go shopping for a good pair of shoes, leather or running, without spending thousands of dollars on it? We got a great inventory of low-cost (Yes! We have a listing of upcoming sales for you) but high quality brands.

Are you thinking of getting rid of all that’s in your closet (because those have been there since the 90s) and start fresh? We have numerous blog posts that will give you a great list of the basics from a sturdy pair of denim pants to the crispest dress shirts.

It’s for every man

We don’t teach you fashion – that’s for people who want to learn all about fashion. What we give you are tips on how you could dress well in every occasion.

Now, most men would think that’s not (or should not be) on top of their priorities. But, well, it should be. Remember that the way you present yourself represents you. So make sure it counts!

Do you consider yourself an adventurous dresser or a conventional one? Are you the sporty, gym buff sort of guy or the dapper Englishman in New York? Would you consider yourself more of the free-spirited bohemian or the intellectual hipster? Whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever your background is, we could help you dress to impress.

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